HIGH QUALITY Blinds & Shades

HIGH QUALITY Blinds & Shades

Blinds & Shades

TECNOVENT Group is a specialized business in solar protection, light management, and window decoration, for homes and businesses.

Over the past 25 years, we have constantly evolved to become leaders in offering products that bring together quality, service and technological innovation with elegance and beauty to windows.

At home, at work, at your university, in a hotel, restaurant or hospital, TECNOVENT Group offers comfort and improves our quality of life through our solar management solutions to meet the needs of any architectural or interior design project.

Our technicians can tailor your space to your needs through a variety of options of blinds, shades, curtains, transforming lights and shadows to create the atmosphere you are looking for.

We pay close attention to the latest fashion trends to offer you a wide array of fabrics (traditional, ecological, technical), so that you can find the one that best suits your style. This extensive collection combined with an ample family of solar management systems from our providers will help you achieve the ambiance you want for your home and business.

TECNOVENT Group is bringing the ideal solution to provide comfort and well-being to people and help them create the desired ambiance at any time, no matter what time of day. We would like to help people enjoy bright, healthy, and efficient spaces in which to live, work, grow and dream.

TECNOVENT Group just opened a showroom in Marbella, offering a great variety of high-quality brands, including Bandalux.

We collaborate under special conditions with architects, interior designers, construction companies and decorators offering a professional discount according to the project.