Agata Bath Design

High quality bathtubs

High quality bathtubs

Agata Bath Design

AGATA BATH DESIGN Offers a high quality modern line of designer bathtubs and sinks of high resistance and durability. Our product is designed and manufactured in the EU, with cutting edge casting technology and patented materials that position our sanitary ware on the highest market ranking with regards of resistance and ease of care. AGATA BATH DESIGN lives up to the expectations of quality, design and functionality expected by today’s well informed and consequently demanding client profile.

MINERALICAST® is one of the most reliable and unique cast material on the market.

The main component of the material is powdered dolomitic marble known as “Dolomite”, a metamorphic rock estimated to be over 500 million years old.

The Dolomite powder and dedicated resins make up the base of MINERALICAST®.

Its chemical and physical properties allow to manufacture high quality products of almost unlimited shapes and efficient technical and functional features.

The external surface of a casted product is covered by one of our exclusive sanitary gelcoat coatings for perfect surface finish and performance. We offer various coatings each suitable for different product characteristics and use.

MONOCAST® is a pure solid surface material is a uniform and homogenous, ultra-white mass obtained by combining high quality and clean Aluminum Trihydrate (ATH) with carefully selected highly resistant resin.

MONOCAST® is 100% solid all the way through the entire product, non-porous and void-free with exceptional surface finish. Marmorin is among very few manufacturers that fully mastered production of casted solid surface bathroom products with an integrated overflow.

Whether, it is a small, medium or large scale production we can provide our Customer with the same high quality product.

There are almost no limits in terms of shapes, complexity or sizes for products made of MONOCAST® which makes it perfect solutions for demanding projects.