ANS Construction



Planning & Construction

ANS was created thanks to the effort and great job of the predecessor companies, limited societies that have needed an expansion because of the big demand as much as they have been dedicated since 1998 exclusively to the construction of high quality housing, in the Costa del Sol exclusive areas such as La Zagaleta and other exclusive areas such as Sotogrande.

Since 2011 ANS has expanded to Europe, specifically to Germany where we are specializing in renovations of public buildings. Precisely in this country the quality of the materials and the perfect carrying out of the projects is essential, therefore our company can cover their expectations highly.

Our extensive business and professional experience together with the background of work in both countries allow us to guarantee a high level of design and quality.

Our buildings are always developed with the highest control and thoroughness, passing all the guarantees required by law.

Our staff have worked with us for several years who have been formed in all mentioned above, always focusing on the quality and total satisfaction of our clients. We have also the support and advice of a great, highly qualified technical team. The management team speak Spanish, English and German. It allows a high level of communication between all the members involved in the projects, achieving a perfect coordination between them.

If you are looking for a company that will guarantee the completion of your project with the highest level of quality, ANS offers you this.

Feel free to contact us, we will be delighted to advice you and clarify any doubts and questions you will have.